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Rejection Letter format

Very few companies follow the practice of sending rejection letters to its applicants. This is a very good practice as this letter will help the applicant to move on to next and he can also know the reason for his rejection. (continue reading…)

Employee Termination Letter format

Here is a employee termination letter format

Employee Termination Letter

Letter of Recommendation to do MS Degree

Here is a sample Letter of Recommendation format to do MS Degree for a engineering student (continue reading…)

Statement of Purpose to do MS Degree

Here is a sample format of statement of purpose to pursue MS Degree for a engineering student. Check the format below (continue reading…)

Agreement for Recruitment Services format

Below is a format of agreement for recruitment services.

The agreement or business contract is signed by a consultant and a company whereas the former will work as a consultant in recuiting candidates for the company abiding to the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement from both ends. (continue reading…)

Employee Warning Letter Format

Below is a employee warning letter format (continue reading…)

Guide to write a Successful Covering Letter

Learn to write excellent covering letters while applying for job, contract and anything such (continue reading…)

Employment Bond Agreement Format

Here is a Employment bond agreement. Employment bond agreement is signed between the company and its employee at the time of recruitment. Here the employee agrees for a service bond with the

A Perfect Appointment Order With Salary details

This is a Perfect appointment order format. This appointment letter lists

Reference letter for child adoption – Free download

There are several formalities for adopting a Child. One among those formalities is reference letter from a known person. This reference letter for child adoption