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Rejection Letter format

Very few companies follow the practice of sending rejection letters to its applicants. This is a very good practice as this letter will help the applicant to move on to next and he can also know the reason for his rejection. (continue reading…)

Employee Termination Letter format

Here is a employee termination letter format



Subject: Termination of Employment

This has reference to our letter dated May 11, 2007 and the subsequent discussions we had with you from time to time on the subject matter. We regret to state that despite of giving sufficient opportunity there is no improvement in your behavior & attitude towards work. Moreover it has been reported that your performance also is not satisfactory and that because of your behavior and attitude towards work the entire atmosphere of the branch office is getting vitiated.

In order to enable you to improve yourself as also to reduce the adverse impact on the team members, the management relocated you to twice & also warned you to improve you behavior and attitude towards work. However despite giving sufficient opportunities it has been observed that there is no improvement in your behavior, attitude and performance.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, it has been decided by the company to terminate your employment. Please note that your employment is hereby terminated with immediate effect.

You are hereby advised to return to the company any property of the company that was handed over to you during your tenure with the company.

Thanking you,


Authorized Signatory

Letter of Recommendation to do MS Degree

Here is a sample Letter of Recommendation format to do MS Degree for a engineering student (continue reading…)

Statement of Purpose to do MS Degree

Here is a sample format of statement of purpose to pursue MS Degree for a engineering student. Check the format below (continue reading…)

Agreement for Recruitment Services format

Below is a format of agreement for recruitment services.

The agreement or business contract is signed by a consultant and a company whereas the former will work as a consultant in recuiting candidates for the company abiding to the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement from both ends. (continue reading…)

Employee Warning Letter Format

Below is a employee warning letter format (continue reading…)

Rent Receipt Format

Below is a rent receipt format given by the landlord to the tenant.

Below are two formats, the first receipt format is the initial receipt given at the time of rental agreement mentioning the advance mount paid, monthly rental amount and the period of rental agreement. (continue reading…)

Pre-employment Medical Check up format

This is format used for filling out the medical check-up details by most of the Multi National Companies and other organizations today. The HR Department is asked to submit the following information at the time of recruiting. (continue reading…)