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Simple Covering Letter Format – For Job Application

Below is a

Relieving letter format – Free download

Relieving letter is what the employer gives to employee in the time of relieving from duties.

A good relieving letter should carry the following point

1. The letter beginning with the employer accepting employees

Request for Leave Encashment – Download free format

Every company has its own policy on Leave encashment. Some companies pay it based on the basic salary of the employee and some based on the gross salary.

Usually the Leave encashment is given annually.

Simple Appointment Letter format

How does an appointment letter look like ? You might have seen most of the appointment letters

Leave Extension Letter format – Free download

Writing a letter

How to write an Offer letter? – Download Sample

Step by step procedure in writing a Job offer letter.

  1. The job offer letter begins with the intention to hire the candidate. The company’s name and the post offered to the candidate must be clearly mentioned.
  2. Title of the job and responsibilities to be mentioned in brief. (continue reading…)

Cheque book Requesition Format

There is nothing complicated while writing a cheque book request and the below readymade format will prove you that. (continue reading…)

Covering Letter for Job Application

While writing a cover letter always remember to make it as simple as possible. It should seem like a essay for the employer.

The particulars to be included are (continue reading…)

Employee Provident Fund Requisition Format

While the employee placing a requisition for his / her provident fund the provident fund department the following particulars has to be submitted along with the requisition letter. (continue reading…)

Birth Affidavit Format of

Readymade birth certificate affidavit format. This affidavit is acknowledgment (continue reading…)